Use Multiple Ingredients to Unite Everyone through Tasty Food

Dollars believes that “Eating” is the source of commitment and power. We continue to weed through the old to bring forth the new from genuine American-style cuisine, rich Japanese food, to Chinese-Western fusion bistro and delicate banquets. We always use the multiple ingredients in diverse cooking techniques to prepare for tasty meals and unite everyone. We provide a comfortable environment and services, which not only creates a sweet dining environment, but also satisfy your mind and taste buds.

Our Brands

Brick Yard 33 1/3 Jennifer’s Kitchen Antica58 VG The Seafood Bar VG Encore Tongan Curry Tongan Udon Noodles VG Express Katsu鑫 SHABU KIN-GETSU Gold300 Mom’s Dry Noodle Ikari Coffee Rich Craft Beer

Food Service Businesses

Brick Yard 33 1/3-logo

Brick Yard 33 1/3

The original structure and appearance of the Brick Yard 33 1/3 remain the same so that when you walk into the restaurant, you feel as if you were transported into an American old movie screen where a party was held. The restaurant has kept the pond and courtyard with the high rooftop with skylights. This makes the interior have the vintage mood. The meals are exotic ones with versatile creative cuisines representing different flavors. There are stages and classrooms to give a new life to the original spaces.
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Jennifer’s Kitchen-logo

Jennifer’s Kitchen

It is the first choice of the American restaurant in Zhubei of Hsinchu. The restaurant has a simplistic design with white fresh feelings. Its spacious room is suitable for many people to have meals! Its menus range from hamburgers, pasta, risotto, pizza, and steaks with coffee and desserts! Diverse menus are provided for the public to choose! Order as many meals as you can eat and share with your friends and families. This is the classic American style food services!
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Antica is an Italian bistro that serves the authentic Roma Square Pizza and classic Italian home-cooked meals. It is located next to the Chinese Culture University in Yangming Mountains with fresh forest air — Shanzaihou area and beautiful Yangmingshan American Military Housing—within the Old Town campus. Want to experience the true Italy? Taste these cuisines and feel as if you traveled abroad!
Antica58-Environmental photos01
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VG The Seafood Bar-logo

VG The Seafood Bar

VG The Seafood Bar is the first seafood bar in Taiwan that combines the European-style seafood with creative cocktail This is a place in Taipei City which you must visit if you want to happily eat seafood, drink cocktails!
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VG The Seafood Bar-Environmental photos02
VG The Seafood Bar-Environmental photos03
VG Encore-logo

VG Encore

Natural Cuisines! The menu introduces the new concepts based on the Taiwan’s indigenous species and have the categories “Smoked, Soil, Charcoal Fire, Decomposition, River, Ocean, Mountain, and Forest.” When looking at the name of dishes, you may not imagine what the dishes will be served later may look like. Please keep looking forward to them!
VG Encore-Environmental photos01
VG Encore-Environmental photos02
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Tongan Curry-logo

Tongan Curry

28-day secret aging! Tasty curry rice with deep width. The so-call “aging” refers to a process of sun exposure, baking, sauteing, and mixing of more than 13 seasonings. After being left for 28 days, they are mixed with several kinds of vegetable and fruit. Finally, they are matured for 48 hours to make this dish of colorful, aromatic, and tasty curry rice.
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Tongan Curry-Environmental photos03
Tongan Curry-logo

Tongan Udon Noodles

The famous curry shop "Tongan Curry " launched a new brand "Tongan Udon Noodles". With a bit of retro store design, it is expected to continue the brand spirit and bring a completely different visual and taste feast.
Tongan Udon Noodles -Environmental photos01
Tongan Udon Noodles -Environmental photos02
Tongan Udon Noodles -Environmental photos03
VG Express-logo

VG Express

Through VG Express's convenient ordering and delivery services, the most popular and delicious meals in the VG Group can be delivered to the home for all food lovers.
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It is a new brand from Ashin Cuisine. Pork Chop Rice Bowl is a super-popular hidden menu of Axin Cuisine. Now it is independent as the protagonist and will benefit more people who love Pork Chop Rice Bowl.
Katsu鑫-Environmental photos01
Katsu鑫-Environmental photos02
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In SHABU KIN-GETSU, All kinds of ingredients can be skillfully matched with dashi. SHABU KIN-GETSU uses the most advanced ingredients through the exquisite cooking method, and then matches them with special sauces and creative eating methods, so that you can taste the most delicious hot pot in the most elegant and safe environment.
SHABU KIN-GETSU-Environmental photos01
SHABU KIN-GETSU-Environmental photos02
SHABU KIN-GETSU-Environmental photos03


"Gold300" is a ramen special shop and it provides meticulous and rich taste for daily life. Three types of finely boiled soup, three types of ultimate noodles, three types of ramen style. These are three core spirits of ‘’Glod300 Ramen’’. ‘’Gold 300’’ also uses the owl as their symbol. It hopes that every bowl of ramen can bring good fortune, and can bring delicious blessings to the daily life of diners.
Gold300-Environmental photos01
Gold300-Environmental photos02
Gold300-Environmental photos03
Mom’s Dry Noodle-logo

Mom’s Dry Noodle

Realize the taste of hand-made Qdanguan noodles, and use the concept of the home table to develop the noodle dishes. With the chef's cooking skills, we create a home atmosphere, so that you can also taste delicious food when you are out.
Mom’s Dry Noodle-01
Mom’s Dry Noodle-02
Mom’s Dry Noodle-03
Ikari Coffee-logo

Ikari Coffee

Not only has good coffee and all kinds of light meals, it is also a place that can provide everyone with a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Whether it is happiness or joy in life, Ikari Coffee hopes to integrate into everyone's lives and "share every beautiful moment" with you. Nowadays, a more convenient take-out store, Taipei 101 Ikari, has become the only restaurant that can be brought up from the 5th floor to the 89th floor observation place.
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Rich Craft Beer-logo

Rich Craft Beer

The name ”Rich Craft Beer” is originated abroad. The core value of this beer lies at innovation. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of BRICK YARD 33 3/1 and experience the craze of craft beer brewing, U-TECH set up a craft brewery at the headquarters of Linkou. It has begun production in 2018.
Rich Craft Beer-Environmental photos01
Rich Craft Beer-Environmental photos02
Rich Craft Beer-Environmental photos03