Old Town

Old Town in Yangming mountains in Taipei city makes you feel as if in an American town

Old Town stands at mountainside and by the side of the Chinese Culture University in Yangming Mountains. At the early stage, it was the dormitory of the US Army, and has a grateful environment full of historical memories. Now it is a new type of field with American village style. By preserving a large piece of forests and green land, and continuing to rejuvenate and reuse the dormitory, we have asked quality theme restaurants, cafes, and cultural and creative stores, and combined the local ingredients with tasty meals to raise the awareness about and passion for the land and food, while creating relaxed Old Town which is suitable for relaxing body and mind.

When you stroll the Yangmingshan American Military Housing in the Shanzaihou area, with the American style log cabins nearby, you may feel as if you were in an American town with relaxed atmosphere, beautiful buildings, and tasty. This is a fascinating place~

111 Dormitory Group of U.S. Military Dependents' Village, Yangmingshan, Taipei City
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